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 A little about Gina Parnell


Gina Parnell lives and designs in a small Alberta French community called Beaumont. 

She has perfected her jewelry creations over the past four years.  Bottle cap jewelry and bottle creations, also Healing Hazelwood Gemstone jewelry are just two of Gina's main perfected products. 

Gina loves and appreciates all hand crafted forms of art.  Gina's loves to work with her mind and hands dreaming up unique designs in all art mediums using a wide range of different materials.

She finds her inspiration from her family and friends and is also intrigued by jewelry that can improve the health and well-being for those around her. 

Gina is a certified nail technician since 2000, she keeps herself updated and is always learning new techniques.

Her great love is designing and creating custom pieces of art, jewelry and of course nail enhancements, Let Bambina‚Äôs Boutique & Nails make your jewelry and nail wishes come true!